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The confused student, ready to escape.

May 17th, 2014 by Luka Delsing

This girl from Maastricht started studying at Maastricht University in 2009 at the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. What really got my attention during my study was the amount of students who were promoting for new board positions for their organizations. I couldn’t figure out why. Do they just not want to study anymore? Or do they need some time off? And what was it that made these board positions so attractive and enjoyable for these people?

However, during my Master year I reached a point where I was well-aware of the fact that I chose the wrong master program and was not sure anymore what I was working towards. Luckily, at one point, I received an email from the Executive Board of Maastricht University about the vacancy for members of the Student Project Team. The executive board decided last year that they wanted to have a team of students working full time on bigger project within the university, and to include them in more decision processes. This idea sounded extremely interesting and a good option for me as a ‘confused student’. So, I applied for the job.

During our first month as the SPT I was still quit sceptical about whether the SPT was going to be a success and what I was going to learn from this experience. Besides putting in a lot of effort by ourselves, our success still depended on a lot of other people. Were they going to like us, and be willing to work with the new SPT?

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